Logan Vol. Fire Co. of Pedricktown

Protecting and Serving Oldmans Township Since 1909

Pedricktown Exempt Firemans Association

            The Pedricktown Exempt Firemen’s Association was organized on March 12, 1975.  To be eligible to become a member of this organization, an individual must have been, at one time, an active member of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company of Pedricktown and met the requirements of the NJ State Firemen’s Association “Exempt Member” status.  This meant that the member had accumulated a minimum of seven active years of obtaining 60% or higher attendance of fire calls and training sessions while a member of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company of Pedricktown.  As long as a member met the above criteria, they did not need to be a resident of Oldmans Township to join this organization.


The originating members in attendance were;

Alward Hendrickson                  Raymond Jones                     William Bennett

Wes Hewitt                                 Harry Jenkins                          George Orbin

Russell Drabold, Jr.                  Robert Moore                          William Ferrell, Sr.

Harry Moore                              Thurman Drabold                    Howard Nipe

Walter Storicks                         Charles Darlington                  Lawrence McAllister

W. Ed Bouvier                           James Carty                            William Hendrickson

Curtis West


The members elected their first officers of Robert Moore as President, William Bennett as V. President, Walter Storicks as Treasurer and Thurman Drabold as Secretary and dues were established at $1.00 per year.  Also, corporation papers were completed at their first meeting and filed with the State and County.


With the formation of this organization, which is recognized by the NJ State Firemen’s Association, they were entitled to send one delegate to the NJ State Firemen’s Association Convention held annually each year.  This gave members of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company of Pedricktown the ability to send one additional member to represent them each year over their company allotted (3) delegates and (1) Chief.


Over the course of the years, the organization held various fund raising activities for which the profits were used to reimburse Life Members of the NJ State Firemen’s Association for some of their costs for attending the annual convention in Wildwood each year.


In September 1982, the organization approved purchasing a monument to be installed in front of the flag pole at the fire house on South Railroad Avenue.  The monument to be engraved with the fire company name “Logan Volunteer Fire Company of Pedricktown”, Organized 1909 – Incorporated 1910 and also list the Relief Association – 1915 and the Exempt Association – 1975.  Later, this monument became the centerpiece for a brick message board sign that was constructed by the fire company and still exists today.


In April 1985, the organization approved purchasing officer name tiles for placement in the fire company meeting room to be used during any organization meetings of the Fire Company, Ladies Auxiliary, Relief Association, Exempt Association and/or County Fire Associations which were conducted in the meeting room.  This was done and presented to the fire company in honor of their 75th Anniversary.


To this day, past and present active members of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company continue to be members of the Pedricktown Exempt Firemen’s Association with a current eligible membership of (27) and members living in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.


Current Exempt Association


 President – Patrick McAllister

Vice President – Donald Moore

Secretary – Gary Moore

Treasurer – James Carty


Membership Roster

Warren Bouvier

James Carty

Charles Darlington

Thurman Drabold

Russell Drabold, Jr.

William Ferrell, Jr.

Anthony Jackson

Richard Jenkins

Lawrence McAllister

Patrick McAllister

Donald Moore

Harry Moore

Robert Moore

Jeffrey Newman

Fred Niebauer

J. Wayne Niebauer

James Nipe

Daniel Picken

Gary R. Moore 

Gary Storicks


Samuel Shinn

Robert Smith

Michael Moore

Michael Lemke

Jeffrey Hadlock

Jeffrey Moore

Basilio Robinson