Logan Vol. Fire Co. of Pedricktown

Protecting and Serving Oldmans Township Since 1909

Ladies Auxiliary of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company

        The Ladies Auxiliary was established in 1930. The purpose of the Ladies Auxiliary was, and still is, to offer support to the Logan Volunteer Fire Company. However, their work does not stop there. They have also supported the people both in and out of Oldmans Township. The community, through fundraising and donations makes all this possible.

          The men and women of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company are always willing to risk their lives to keep our community safe. The Ladies Auxiliary tries to make that job just a little bit easier by offering their support in any way that they can. One of the ways that they do this is by supplying food and refreshments when a lengthy call keeps them out for hours. They have provided numerous dinners for the County Chiefs Association and County Fireman’s Association meetings. When the current firehouse was being built, the Ladies Auxiliary assisted in the design of the kitchen. They provided the funding for the major components of the kitchen, including stoves, refrigerators, flooring and cabinets. In 1995 they also the overhead door openers for the engine bay doors. When the addition was added to house the newest Brush Truck the Ladies Auxiliary again purchased the door.

            Providing for the people has been another goal of the Ladies Auxiliary since they began. In January 1949 the memorial, which is now located on the left corner of the Fire Company property, was unveiled. Although the Ladies Auxiliary did not pay for the memorial they conceptualized it. This memorial was designed to honor the fallen heroes of our community. Care packages have been sent overseas to our hard working troops. Baskets and gifts have been sent to the sick and elderly who       are unable to leave their homes for long periods. In the 1970’s they “adopted” two French children and their families in need. Periodically gifts and everyday necessities were sent to the families.

            All of this support given would not be possible to achieve without fundraising. In their time the Ladies Auxiliary has conducted a wide variety of fundraising. In the early years they sold such items as magazines, household items, Camphor sticks (incense), and 4ounce bottles of Vanilla Extract. In more recent years they have conducted Chinese Auctions, Yard Sales, Bake Sales and also a craft show on Pedricktown Day in October.

            The Ladies Auxiliary would like to thank all members of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company, past and present, for letting us be a part of the very special job that you do every day for our community.

Ladies Auxiliary Members, Past and Present

Freda Bennett

Jean Boody

Anita Bouvier

Barbara Bower

Maxine Catts

Bonnie Ceasar

Charlotte Chew

Florence Chew

May Claser

Charlotte Cook

Rose Crevelli

Charlene Darlington

Harriet Darlington

Reba Darlington

Rebecca Darlington

Rose Darlington

Mildred Dawson

Anne Dolbow

Dora Drabold

Muriel Drabold

Regina Drabold

Jennie Dunk

Ruth Emmons

Helen England

Betty Ann Ferrell

Eileen Ferrell 

Betty Fisler

Jennifer Galey

Edith Graham  

Thelma Griffin

Melissa Hadlock

Hannah Hahl

Tracey Hassler

Doris Henry

Tina Henson

Dorothy Hewitt

Mabel Hewitt

Eleanor Hilterbrand

Doris Hinton



Louisa Hunt

Angela Hunter

Kathy Jackson

Karen Jenkins

Kathryn Jenkins

Nettie Jenkins

Carolyn Johnston

Ethel Jones

Helen Jones

Martha Jones

Jacqueline Keating

Judy Kelly

Jennie Kragler

Viola Kragler

Mary LaTourette

Janice LaTulippe

Bonnie Lemke

Heather Lemke

Delores Lerro

Diane Lescosky

Bonnie Lohmeyer

Jane Maltman

Doris Martin

Megan McMahon

Arleen Miller

Evelyn Miller

Robin Miller

Susan Miller

Doris Moore

Helen Moore

Kathy Moore

Rena Moore

Sara Newman

Ruth Nichterlein

Rebecca Niebauer

Tina Nipe

Helen Nipe

Terry Norton

Tina Norton


Wilma Norton

Karen Owen

Paula Picken

Joann Piel

Gloria Richards

Mae Ridgeway

Bernadette Saunders

Barbara Scafiro

Naomi Seigrest

Janice Shinn

Barbara Shoulders

Isabel Smith

Robin Smith

Vera Smith

Rose Solano

Alice Sparks

Debbie Steelman

Ethel Mae Storicks

Sharon Storicks

Adelia Terry

Laura Terry

Lillian Terry

Elizabeth Thorn

Rose Valichka

Diane Vieira

Kay Waddington

Rae Walzer

Alma Wilson

Betty Wilson

Pat Wilson

Debra Wine

Frances West

Phyllis West

Dorothy Wright

Anna Zanes

Jean Zanes

Eliza Zienneker