Logan Vol. Fire Co. of Pedricktown

Protecting and Serving Oldmans Township Since 1909

Pedricktown Firemans Relief Association

           The Pedricktown Firemen’s Relief Association (commonly referred to as The Relief Association) was officially organized in 1915 and is the local association representing members of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company of Pedricktown in the NJ State Firemen’s Association.  The NJ State Firemen’s Association provides various types of financial assistance to qualifying members like financial aid in times of economic hardships, burial expense benefits to families of qualifying deceased firefighters and also financially supports the operation of a Firemen’s Home in Boonton, NJ.

            Each year, an annual convention is held, currently in Wildwood, where delegates attend to vote on issues that impact the membership relevant to financial assistance to firefighters, including the operation of the Firemen’s Home.

            A qualifying member is defined as any current, active member of the fire company who maintains a minimum of 60% attendance of all fires and training for at least seven years.  After meeting this requirement for seven years, a member is then considered an “Exempt” member of The Relief Association and no longer required to maintain a 60% status.  In accordance with the By-Laws of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company, a member must then maintain a minimum of 40% attendance of all fires and training to remain an active member of the Logan Volunteer Fire Company.  Any member who fails to meet this requirement, is retired to the fire companies’ “Inactive Membership” list, but still remains a member of The Relief Association.  Any member who fails to meet the 60% for seven years requirement and does not make 60% at least once in a three year period, in accordance with the Logan Volunteer Fire Company By-Laws, they are dropped from the membership and are also no longer a member of The Relief Association.

            The Relief Association meets at a minimum of five (5) times per year to take care of any business at hand, including action on providing a member with relief, selection of delegates to the annual convention and election of its officers for the year.


Company 01 – Pedricktown Fire Co.

Russell Drabold

Thomas Lindle

Robert Moore – Life Member

Harry Moore – Life Member

Thurman Drabold – Life Member

Charles Darlington – Life Member

Lawrence McAllister – Life Member

Warren Bouvier

Samuel Picken III

John Ruhl – Life Member

James Carty – Life Member

J. Wayne Niebauer – Life Member

Fred Niebauer

Daniel Picken – Life Member

Gary Moore – Life Member

Richard Jenkins

Ernest Curione

Gary Storicks – Life Member

William Ferrell Jr. – Life Member

Anthony Jackson – Life Member

James Nipe – Life Member

Donald Moore – Life Member

Fred Cole

Patrick McAllister – Life Member

Kevin Norton

Jeffrey Newman– Life Member

William Miller

Samuel Shinn – Life Member

Timothy Hassler

John Pomponi Jr.

Robert Smith – Life Member

William Ferrell III

Michael Moore – Life Member

Michael Lemke – Life Member

Timothy Reid

Jeffrey Moore - Life Member

Jimmy Robinson – Life Member

Jeffrey Hadlock - Life Member

Joshua Keating

Joseph Reis

Lisa Lemke - Life Member

James Pomponi

Phyllis Moore - Life Member

Nicholas Joyce

Manny Aviles

Nicholas Puglisi

Zachary Pedrick

Gerald Salyards

Kevin Norton

Brandon Lehman

Daniel Cogdill

John Hofbauer

Shannon Martin

Brittany Beres

Gary Shaw

Anthony Peverelle

Company 02 – Auburn Fire Co.

Matthew Powell

Adam Pozwaro

Kennard Hildreth III

Melody Reese

Walter Richman

Harry Buckley

Dale Dimario

William Richardson 2nd